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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Our Privacy policy

Here at, we take your privacy seriously. This is why we only keep information that we use to enhance your experience using our services, and also to speed up the after-sales support. Details of your transactions as well as your credit card information are erased after your purchase is considered to be complete.

Subscribers to periodic emails, newsletters, or notifications of special promotions from us can opt out quickly by clicking the Unsubscribe button which is at the bottom of emails. They will be honored right away and we do not ask you to sign up with us again unless you specifically request to. The data we collect from you could be used to track patterns and data to enhance the shopping experience you have with us however, this is completely confidential and solely for our usage. All of your information is never sold to any third party. This is a promise that we’ve always made.

Security We Provide

If you place an order through this website Your personal data is secured using SSL technology before it is delivered. This prevents hackers to gain access to the credit card details of your customers as it is transferred. All information about customers is stored in a secure and secured database.

If you have any other quotation regarding our privacy policy contact us 

What Are Cookies and What Purpose Do They Work?

Cookies are used on But what exactly is a cookie?

Cookies are small data packets and signals that a website sends to the user’s device. These data packets or fractions remain in the user’s device and allow us to identify each individual customer. In some cases, we use these cookies to prevent our users from receiving unwanted advertisements.

We use cookies to analyse the total number of visitors to our websites, which allows us to determine which products are the most popular. This, in turn, assists us in retrieving products for our customers and making the shopping process more reliable.

The privacy policies mentioned on the web are subject to change at the discretion of the company. Before registering any information with the website, users should read the privacy and cookie policies.

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